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I would betray all of you in the Hunger Games 

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"And Emma comes along and makes us all look like idiots by getting nine A stars and shooting three films at the same time or whatever." - Tom Felton
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I think because I’m so close with Sansa I feel that she is like my first love, in a way.
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Happy Birthday, Selena Gomez! (July 22nd 1992)

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   do u know how to change a tag? for example, imagine u used to tag lea's pics as ''lea'' and now u want to do it as ''lea michele'' do u know how to change it without losing your other posts tagged as ''lea''?

I use xkit so I can replace/add tags by using an extension called tag replacer. If you don’t have xkit you really should get it I promise you won’t regret! :)

Taylor’s sudden realization that the paparazzi are photographing her while shopping for flowers in NYC, April 23rd.

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