Sorry to everyone who I shook hands with, I’m sick so you’re screwed.

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That’s not a dream. A dream is something that fills up the emptiness inside. The one thing that you know, if it came true, all the hurt would go away. You singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ in front of a sold-out crowd is not a fantasy. It’s an inevitability.

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That girl with the curly hair who wears her heart on her sleeve is going to be very important to you in life. She is special. Hey words are inspiring. Hold on to her.

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My whole life, I’ve been looking to be a part of something special to feel special, but the truth is, I am special.

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The thing is that you don’t even have to believe me, or yourself. All you have to do is get on that stage and open your mouth. You can’t do this badly, you don’t actually have it in you. You and I only have two speeds: awesome, or not at all. Who gives a crap what all the other peasants think?

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